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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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We are a Massachusetts multi-genre band focused on Mental Health and specializing in Spreading Awareness, and helping others find a safe space!

Our frontman, John-Paul Ratta (AKA: J.P.) is the guy who started it all and is our vocalist. He started doing vocals around the age of 14 and is turning 18 shortly. JP has also been playing drums for about 12 years but decided to fully commit to vocals back in 2017.

Joseph Ratta (JP’s Older brother – 22 years of age) is the lead guitarist and he’s been playing guitar for 8 years.

Tyler Wissler (almost 18 years old as well) is our Rhythm guitarist. He’s only been playing with us for about 2 years now but has really adopted our vibe. We feel like he has been playing with us much longer.

Zack Adey (19 years of age) is our drummer. Zack started playing drums and guitar at a very young age. His inherent passion for music burns within!

All current members of “Reverse The Cvrse” officially joined forces in 2020 during the fallout of Covid19. In their first practice together, they had sounded as if they had been playing as a unit for 20 years! They immediately connected and the chemistry clicked. They are now starting to play shows, sell merchandise and are even working on their first full length Album!


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