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Barão Geraldo, Campinas - São Paulo, 13084-583, Brazil
168 Rua João Pedroso São Paulo 13084-583 BR

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BackHome is a melodic punk rock band, it’s members are four venezuelan guys borned in Maracay city, but now based in four different countries in Latin America, yes, you read well. Let us to explain the situation to you: Alfredo, the lead guitar, is in Venezuela; Jorge, second guitar, is in Perú; Juan Carlos, drummer, is in Panamá; and Damny, frontman and bass player, is in Brazil.

Despite the distance between them, these four venezuelan guys decided to join each other with the only purpose of creating a punk rock band, and they did it, to prove that it’s their first single called “Visita”, the first of a bunch of songs that are going to be released in the next few months.

In BackHome you will recognize a resemblance of classic pop punk and punk rock bands like No Use For a Name, Blink 182, Lagwagon, Slick Shoes, Rufio, Millencolin and Sum 41, but always with that unique touch that create a nostalgic atmosphere, but also funny one with riffs that posses a melodic and envolvent force that it’s going to embrace you.