Fighting the Phoenix

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Fighting the Phoenix_wallpaper2 - FightingThePhoenix.jpg
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Colorado Springs, CO 80922, USA
3864 Swainson Drive Colorado Springs Colorado 80922 US

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Fighting The Phoenix is a 5-piece Metalcore band based out of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Founded in 2011, the group has steadily developed into a lyrical and instrumental powerhouse. Coined ‘Rocky Mountain Metalcore’, the band strives to inspire and create music with a much greater depth. The music behind FTP is very energetic, meaningful, yet has aspects that create something different, relevant, and relatable.

Upon the events of COVID-19, the band has grappled with the current state of the industry and continued to display positivity and hope. Acting as a beacon for people, FTP is delivering a message of perseverance as they push forward to release their next full-length album ‘ELEMENT’ in the midst of an evolving pandemic.

‘ELEMENT’ is not just an album but a story; it represents FTP on every end of the spectrum. They hope to reach deeper into the average person’s every day life to ignite the fire within. They wish to create feelings of triumph because of the times in which we currently reside.

They are setting a standard where their fans are considered family(FTP FAMILY), and the music will act as a high caliber weapon. From the heavy breakdowns, to the soft choruses, Fighting The Phoenix is changing the way people listen to music; it’s no longer about face value, but it is about the emotion and dedication behind the specific brand that is FTP.