Project Ascension

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New Orleans, LA, USA

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Formed in 2018, Project Ascension is a Progressive Nu-Metal band from New Orleans. With influences of Linkin Park, Nonpoint, System Of A Down, Sevendust, and Korn, Project Ascension is a heavy band that doesn’t mind dabbling in all genres.

“Supernova” is a single about becoming the best version of yourself.

Their second ep “Unrivaled” released on Oct 23rd.

Here’s a little about us.
Project Ascension is the idea of guitarist, Christopher Craig (The Master of Riffs) and frontman Paul Grandpre (Pauly P). The two have been a eclectic unit since they went to high-school together. Through their journey, Johnny was found. Jonathan Broussard is an eccentric vocalist who’s screams and growls are powerful enough to crack mountains. Hickman (Raccoon City Massacre) is a hard working drummer who has made major additions and contributions to the band and has become an important member who is irreplaceable. Ken was then found to be the rumble and backbone of the band.

Project Ascension was formed to shake up the culture in the modern metal scene. Through our music, performance, and personality, we want push a different thought process to people. The goal is to promote positivity and change.