The Recasts

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With 5 members from 5 different hometowns, The Recasts origins were created by chance and almost did not exist at all.

In 2011, frontman, a military veteran and band creator RecastMando almost did not return from his last deployment. He insisted after his time supporting the scene, this might be his last chance to make this happen.

With members coming from New York, Houston, St. Louis, Chicago, New Mexico, and San Antonio, for all different reasons, The Recasts now take shape after cutting their teeth for years in the scene developing their sound and their powerful, adrenaline-fueled stage performance.

The Recasts have a sound that invokes punk, metal and rock and roll fusion, to create a powerful and entertaining sound that gets your blood pumping. Members from different areas, different races, different genres, gives The Recasts their unique sound that is purely original.

They take pride in bringing up bands along the way, giving them an audience, and backing it all with a family environment to be conducive to the scene and the show-goers alike.

They don’t push religion, don’t care what race you are, bash what you eat, talk politics, or anything else. No backtracks, enhancers or otherwise. They are straight plug and play, all about the show entertaining musicians. They can bleed, be sick, hurt, doesn’t matter, the show people have paid for will happen!

The Recasts understand they came together for a reason, and plan to carry out their plan to unite, share brotherhood and family, destroy hate, all while giving you a hell of a show!

When you are done, all that’s left is “Holy Sh!t, That’s the mother f#cking Recasts!”

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